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Printing Proof(s)

What if I find a mistake in my proof?

DO NOT approve your proof and call your CSR. Make sure all issues are resolved BEFORE approving proof. We are not responsible for conditional approvals or emails after a job is approved, check your proof very carefully, as you will be held to your approval. Provided mistakes are brought up before approval; a mistake was made during processing we will correct free of charge. A mistake made on the customer's part WILL incur additional charges.

How can I make a change to a job I've already approved?

The short answer is you can't. Occasionally, we are able to "pull a job back" depending on its status, but there will be a substantial additional charge, and that's only if we are even able to do it. Please check your proof very carefully before approving it.

How well will my finished print job match what I see on my monitor?

This depends on two factors. This first is the type of monitor you have, the second is whether it is color calibrated . In our experience, the only out-of-the box fairly accurate monitors tend (not guaranteed) to be Apple Cinema Displays, or the newest line of iMacs. Please remember that all color is relative to the computer screen you are using, the lighting conditions, the  display settings on your computer, the paper you are printing on, etc. If color is critical, we recommend you order tangible EPSON inkjet color calibrated proofs.

My printed piece does not match
my printed proof, why?

Our proof is calibrated to an international standard, and to our presses. You may not have a calibrated (or calibration possible) output device.

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